1. Get your device

Use the form on the main page to contact us and receive a demo unit.

2. Install it on your bike

The lock has been designed to be compact and easy to install on the back of the bike, where the classic locks are currently installed. The device, when closed, will block the rear wheel.

3. Earn money with your bike

Download the application to add and manage your bikes (available soon for android and iphone).
Subscribe to the service and enable your bike that you want to make available by deciding the price per hour and the area of use.
From now on, anyone with the application can search and reach your bike comfortably.

Main features

Locky merges strong technologies and useful features to enable you to build your bike sharing network.

Safety network

A public sharing system for distributing and sharing bicycles certainly puts the bicycles themselves at risk of unpleasant events. Locky cloud platform notify to users when (1) a dangerous situation for bikes could occur or (2) the bike goes out the safe zone decided by the owner. Be part of the control network and you could accumulate extra credits by entering the control network.

Free floating

Thanks to the Locky geo-localization technology, it is no longer necessary to deposit the bike in the docking islands. In this way there is a widespread distribution of the service even in areas generally not reached by the classic bike sharing systems.

Share and earn money

Are you a private individual and have bikes in your garage that you no longer know what to do? Do you have a sports shop and you have bicycles that are still unsold and that are now only a firm capital? Locky is the device that can make you earn by money renting your bikes.

Locky App

By downloading the app you can find the bikes closest to you and check your credit. The bike can be opened and closed using the Bluetooth connection of your smartphone. A safe, practical, innovative and easy to manage system. The two-step unlocking system allows greater safety for those who share their bike.

Contact us

For any question, feel free to contact us to info@my-locky.com